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Water | The Elixir of Existence

I've always been fascinated by natural resources, even as a little kid. Growing up in Greater Boston, Massachusetts, water surrounded my life as a tot, tween, teen and troublemaker. It's really no wonder that life brought me here to Eureka Springs, Arkansas - "the city that water built."

Recently, my partner Jeff encouraged me to watch this special film about water on Gaia and I must say, I was blown away. This film inspired me to embark on this post and I hope it sparks an interest in you as well.

As the film peels back the layers of water's enigma, it delves into the realm of memory.

Water is believed to have that capacity to remember! This film introduced me to the concept that water has memory.

Through some striking visual allegories, this beautiful film suggests that water, beyond its physical properties, might actually carry an intrinsic memory of life's journey—a concept that, while speculative, sparks contemplation about the intimate connection between water and life's origins.

I was instantly hooked.

"The Secret of Water" navigates through various scientific realms with remarkable clarity. The film embraces the insights of renowned biologists, physicists, and hydrologists, whose voices weave an intricate tapestry of knowledge. Driven by the question of how water, this seemingly mundane substance, became the bearer of life's essential codes.

Where I was most captivated was when the film featured Dr. Masaru Emoto's water experiments because this was a man that I have blogged about before. His work with water is truly fascinating to me and it continues to spark my curiosity about water and how, in fact, it became so meaningful and mesmerizing to the Native Americans that first came upon Eureka's many flowing springs.

Basin Spring Park (circa late 1800s)

The Native Americans considered the waters here in Eureka Springs to be sacred. They worshiped the water. They treated the water with kindness, respect and love. They were grateful to have it in abundance and it showed because they took care of it. Even neighboring tribes would visit and partake of the cold, clear waters without resistance and ancient ceremonies of health and healing were often held in the natural waters here.

Emoto, during the course of his many studies, deduced that water exposed to positive, uplifting speech, thoughts and music would result in some of the most visually pleasing crystals that would naturally form when that water was frozen.

Check out my original blog-post about Emoto here.

He discovered that the negative intentions provided to water would yield ugly, dark, frozen crystal formations and the opposite, would yield beautiful snow-flakelike crystals that were mesmerizing.

Beyond its scientific discourse, this movie, "The Secret of Water" embraces metaphor as a powerful narrative device. Water becomes a symbol of both life's fragility and resilience, mirroring humanity's relationship with the environment. The film navigates through epochs of human history, illustrating how civilizations flourished or faltered in accordance with their stewardship of water resources. It poignantly underscores the interconnectedness of all life forms, depicting how the ripples of environmental degradation reverberate through ecosystems, affecting every living being.

Winter is beautiful in Eureka Springs, Arkansas

When winter soon falls upon us here in Eureka Springs, and water is transformed with the season, I continue to embrace it. I enjoy taking walks and having a lovely conversation with the snow all around me, but most of all, I truly love walking up to the icicles and the snow and talking to them adoringly. I speak to them with genuine love in my heart and thank them because I know that they will soon turn to water which will in turn somehow give back to the cycle of life on Earth.

What happened to us that we have lost the penchant to detect, respect, connect with nature and that which is all around us in our natural environment.

Here, in Eureka Springs and everywhere on Earth, water and words dance in harmony. It was the words from the early Natives that shaped the properties of the healing waters of Eureka Springs in the 1800s and then it was the water brought forth more people.

Water carries a lifeforce to support all living things.

The film's climax presents a poignant juxtaposition. On one hand, it magnifies the devastation caused by pollution and over-extraction. On the other, it offers glimpses of inspiring initiatives around the world, where communities are reclaiming their relationship with water, adopting sustainable practices that honor its life-giving essence. The takeaway is clear: "The Secret of Water" isn't merely an esoteric puzzle—it's a call to safeguard the planet's most precious natural resource; a heightened awareness of our place in the grand tapestry of life, a reverence for the elixir that sustains it all, and a desire to become stewards of change.

Today's snow, ice and icicles are tomorrow's water.

Live in the moment.

Please love and care for our water in its every natural form just like our brothers and sisters did before us. Never take it for granted. Respect and cherish it. Tell it so.

If learning of Eureka's past is appealing to you, bring forward the past practice of speaking kind words about our water to others and to our water itself. ❤️


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