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We Are Diverse Everyday

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas! I am absolutely gaga that the press is gaga over Eureka Springs.

In every community, there exists an unspoken code, an underlying set of principles that govern the dynamics of acceptance and belonging. These principles often reflect the values and aspirations of the community, shaping its identity and fostering a sense of togetherness. Here in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, our own unique aspect sets the tone for acceptance here and that unique aspect is this -- intentions and behaviors should come from a place of love.

With that, it is crucial to recognize the repercussions of actions driven by hate, jealousy, negativity and fear. We're not saying, in this free Country of ours, that you aren't permitted to think what you want to think, we're talking about intentions from the heart and the behaviors that follow -- because the absence of love in life situations, experiences and interactions can lead to exclusion, expulsion, and separation.

...and with that, we have more and more hate, jealousy, negativity and fear.

This profound concept stands as the cornerstone of our lovely Ozark community, dictating the ways in which individuals are embraced or expelled. I've heard it often said here by many a local, "Eureka will welcome you with a handshake or she will reject you with a wave - it is up to you."

Lots of love in this image!

We all know that love is a powerful force. It has the ability to shape and transform communities. Love transcends barriers, connects hearts, and creates an atmosphere of compassion and empathy. It embodies a deep understanding and respect for others, fostering an environment where every individual's well-being is valued and happiness is celebrated.

In Eureka Springs, embracing the principle of "intentions and behaviors should come from a place of love" is the key to acceptance and inclusion the world over, not just here.

By prioritizing this - we've created an oasis in the Ozarks. A veritable Heaven on Earth by simply harnassing our love, kindness, and compassion for one another as a strong, close-knit community.

Over years of evolution, we've come to create an environment where individuals can thrive here, relationships can flourish, and the community can continue co-create and grow stronger year over year. Conversely, the absence of love leads to exclusion, conflicts, and decline. Whatever the case may be, Eureka Springs, in her own unique way, will know, and she may ask you to consider other places in the world to make your way forward on this life journey...

... and when she asks you, you will know.

Over time, it has been this very concept harnessed in love that came to transform and reveal our Eureka as a nurturing and inclusive diverse community for ALL.

OK, but let's be real.

There are "pockets of reality" in all corners of the world. Our Country is in turmoil and 0ur town is not perfect. Add into the mix, thousands of visitors per year from all walks of life that are not from Eureka Springs and that do not have intentions and behaviors from a place of love when they are visiting here.

BUT . . .

... one thing is for certain - proprietors, Shopkeepers, Innkeepers, store owners, law enforcement, city officials and staff of Eureka Springs will not tolerate hate actions, violence, discrimination, harassment, or bullying, of ANY kind.

"I'm gay, and I absolutely love my time in Eureka Springs!"

If intentions and behaviors do not come from "a place of love," it is simply not tolerated here. Group-think in American society is now running rampant more than ever and so the best kind of group think there is on the planet is that which comes from a place of love.

It is not . . . if you do not look similar to me or you do not like what I like, then I judge you because you are different. That, my friends, is the real dilemma in our society.

What I love most about Eurekans is that we battle things that are unfavorable with love. It is simply the culture of our community.

Please take a moment to check out one of my most popular blog posts (and most read blog post) where I explain an actual situation that happened to me, shortly after I moved here in June 2018 with my partner Jeff. Note: I was wearing short shorts and a muscle-tank top at the Rowdy Beaver Den during a Biker Weekend. (Ha! Go figure. I was simply being me in my own town.)

So, Why Is There No Pride Weekend?

The best answer is because one Pride Weekend just isn’t enough here.

Our vibrant, little LGTBQIA+ oasis in the heart of the mid-South region, is what it is today because we are diverse and welcoming to ALL every day of the year and we take time to celebrate our diversity by having three annual Diversity Weekends — which happen in Spring, Summer and Fall.

People flock here from all over the country to take part in these diversity celebrations because they are truly diversity celebrations - we are not just saying this in a 'marketing' sort of way. Our locals and visitors will dress up, eat, drink, co-mingle, interact with people from all walks of life, shop, participate, spend and celebrate.

Visit the Out in Eureka Facebook page for news on ALL Diversity Weekend Celebrations.

Gay Traveler hailed our charming ‘burg “among the five best small gay cites.” The Advocate touted us as “the gayest small town in America.” And Out Smart Magazine enthused, “on par with Key West, Provincetown and Palm Springs as a gay vacation paradise.”

Eureka Springs is simply an oasis of inclusiveness and diversity. We love sharing our town with you, your friends, your partners, your spouses, and your families! The town's celebration of love, acceptance, and self-expression has made it a cherished destination for people from all backgrounds. Come visit us. is very proud to be a part of this celebration of love, acceptance and self-expression. Thank you for reading and allowing me to enter into your heart, straight from the heart of downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas.


So, whether you're seeking a place to have a memorable weekend with the one you love, express yourself freely, relocate, explore the arts, or bask in a warm and accepting atmosphere, our Eureka Springs welcomes you - ALL OF YOU - with open arms.


Here, we strive to cultivate a community where love is not only a guiding principle but also a way of life, ensuring that our town remains a place of acceptance and unity for generations to come.

We love who you are — and we love who you love.



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