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Crescent Dragonwagon, a renowned author, and her husband, Ned Shank, bought a historic Victorian-style home here in Eureka Springs, Arkansas years ago. The couple, both deeply passionate about the literary arts, recognized the need for a dedicated space where writers could find solitude and inspiration. In 2000, The Writers' Colony opened its doors to writers in the newly transformed 505 & 515 Spring Street thus establishing The Writers' Colony at Dairy Hollow.

Embarking on a creative journey at The Writers' Colony at Dairy Hollow (WCDH) is not just a getaway — it's a transformative experience. Whether you seek solitude, collaboration, or simply a change of scenery, this literary retreat offers an unmatched opportunity to reconnect with your artistic self.

The mission is to provide uninterrupted residency time for writers of all genres, including culinary, composers, and artists in an environment that allows writers to work, interact with the wider community, stimulate new thinking, and energize creative expression all free from discrimination or exclusivity.

I've spoken many times before about the culture of our beautiful town and I've described this place as a town that expresses radical inclusion.

No better place than Eureka Springs, Arkansas to house this beautiful retreat for writers from all over the world.

By choosing The Writer's Colony at Dairy Hollow for a creative retreat, writers contribute to the support and sustenance of the arts. This non-profit organization relies on the generosity of patrons and residents to continue providing a haven for writers to flourish.

"What I love most about the Writers' Colony at Dairy Hollow is the creative spirit that dwells here. The spirit is one of individualistic expression, craft, creativity, art - which is what makes the Writers Colony at Dairy Hollow unique.  Being here is both invigorating and laid-back, an experience the Colony fosters by providing time and space and sustenance to do the work I am called to do." –  Brenda K. Lewis

This wonderful place offers eight private writing suites, and each suite has its own personality and view of historic Dairy Hollow, with private bath, writing nook, and private entrance. All suites are equipped with mini-fridges and coffee makers. The culinary suite is fully equipped for cookbook writers and chefs to create, taste and write.

The Colony excels in providing delicious and nutritious meals crafted from scratch onsite. The communal dining experience fosters a sense of community, connection and relaxation, allowing residents to focus on their craft without the distractions of daily life.

Their tailored residency programs are open to writers of every genre and cater to various artistic disciplines for short or long-term stays. Whether you're a novelist, poet, playwright, or essayist, there's a program designed to meet your specific needs. The supportive environment is quiet, sequestered, inspirational - and affordable. Their dedicated workspaces ensure that time spent here is productive and fulfilling.

Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Explore Eureka Springs!

While solitude is often crucial for creative work, The Writer's Colony also recognizes the value of community. Regular gatherings, workshops, and collaborative events allow residents to connect with fellow artists, fostering a sense of camaraderie and providing opportunities for cross-disciplinary inspiration.

Eureka Springs, known for its scenic beauty, provides an idyllic backdrop for artistic endeavors. Surrounded by lush forests and rolling hills, The Writer's Colony offers writers an opportunity to connect with nature, providing a serene setting that stimulates imagination and enhances the creative process.

Beyond the colony's walls, Eureka Springs offers a vibrant arts scene, boutique shops, and a welcoming community. Take a break from your creative endeavors to explore the local culture, attend literary events, and draw inspiration from the town's eclectic charm.

Eureka is quaint. With about 2,200 residents, we are host to thousands of visitors each year who come for a slice of our unusual lifestyle nestled in the Ozark hills. We are distinctly different from anywhere else in the world. One visit is all it will take for you to feel that hard-to-explain, magical tug on your soul - connecting you to this corner of the world. The downtown Historic District and the surrounding Historic Loop continue to emit mystical, magical energies that tug at your soul, ground you and connect you. This is Eureka! You found it.

Beautiful Downtown Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Please take a moment and click this link to donate online to The Writers' Colony at Dairy Hollow and learn more about this place here on their website.❤️


The Writers' Colony at Dairy Hollow is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.


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