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You, Too, Can Be A Svelte Santa | Holiday Keto

It may seem impossible for one jolly man to fly around the globe on a single sleigh, delivering Christmas presents to millions of children in one night.

Well, aside from science (, a little holiday magic, hundreds of elves, and eight flying reindeer, and of course Rudolph, Santa has kicked the cookies to the curb and is now on KETO, so he can take-on globetrotting with ease.

You, too, can survive this Holiday Season with these simple KETO tips and tricks.


Every holiday season, the kitchen is always the epicenter of activity. I think it is all that cooking that gets people socializing in there, smelling the delicious smells, and grazing.

Sure, you can put out all the usuals like chips, dips, crackers and nuts, but what about those KETO cravings?

These KETO snacks will meet your KETO criteria and still satisfy you.

  1. My favorite is shrimp with cocktail sauce. Shrimp is simply a delicious, healthy snack and an entire bag of frozen shrimp is nearly carb-free. Couple this with Heinz (sugar free) ketchup (.5 cup) mixed with horseradish (2t), Worcestershire (1t), and a dash of Tabasco for the KETO cocktail sauce.

  2. Meat Jerky, cold cuts and salami (with mustard) are all KETO friendly.

  3. Olives

  4. Nuts - be aware that nuts have only 1-2 (g) carbs per ounce serving, but they are high in calories - so don't have too many.

  5. Make some delicious cheese crisps using Parmesan cheese. Best part - they're filling and only 1 gram of carbs per serving. I mean, c'mon, who doesn't love cheese?


First thing to be aware of is that -

YES! You can drink alcohol while on KETO.

(I think I just blew Santa's mind!)

Keep in mind, though, drinking lowers inhibitions and therefore increases a person's appetite for more crunchy or doughy carbs; and also keep in mind the different carb counts of liquor, wine and beer:

Spirits (per 1 jigger) vs. Carbs (g)

Champagne = 1-2 (g) carbs

Gin = Zero (g) carbs

Vodka = Zero (g) carbs

Tequila = Zero (g) carbs

Rum = Zero (g) carbs

Whiskey = Zero (g) carbs

Brandy = Zero (g) carbs

Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Pino grigio = 2-3 (g) carbs

Pinot noir, Merlot, and Cabernet sauvignon = 3-4 (g) carbs


Light Beer (per 12 oz.) = 2-5 (g) carbs

The key (as we've often heard before) is moderation. A good tip is to drink one full glass of water before each drink, not only will that slow down your drinking, it will keep you hydrated properly.

Mixing KETO and alcohol can also be a challenge because being in ketosis can significantly reduce a person's tolerance, and this will cause your liquor to hit quicker and maybe even a terrible hangover the next morning. This is why this glass of water-in-between concept is encouraged. (Also: coconut water in between for the boost of electrolytes.)


I do my best to avoid them altogether as much as possible but I do realize this is difficult for most so I offer the following websites and blogs to search for some delicious KETO recipes for fudge, cakes, cookies and a whole lot more.

"He sees you when you're eating, And he knows when you ate cake. He knows if you've been bad with food, So be good for goodness sake!"

You got this!


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