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Blog-Series | Savor the Flavor| Eureka Springs Eats and Treats

In the heart of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, up on Route 62 at Gaskin Switch, a charming eatery has emerged, bearing a name that brings together a journey of determination and a deeply-rooted love.

Behind their doors, owners and husbands, Bradley Wayne and Marcus Isaiah Tate-Greene give our community much more than just another restaurant; this place is sanctuary-like in its feel and style where passion, diversity, and inclusivity flourish.

"We chose Eureka Springs because we have vacationed here and loved it for years. It is diverse and has a strong LGBT presence. It is not easy living or working in some places as we have, and we desired to be somewhere we could live and work while being loved for who we are."

The journey to the perfect name was not without its twists and turns. After several attempts back-and-forth with the city, "Eureka Springs Eats and Treats" (formerly Hillside Eats and Sweets) emerged, a moniker infused with the spirit of the city that captivated their hearts. While the original name eluded them, the essence of Eureka Springs was already coursing through their veins so the desire to surround the guests with images of the beauty of this city and bring it inside their restaurant was a driving force. When you are inside the restaurant, the walls are filled with images capturing the sights in and around Eureka Springs and they are delightful.

"We desired to create our experiences inside the restaurant as we both would hike Lake Leatherwood, loved the Turpentine Cat Museum, felt peace and welcoming with Christ of the Ozarks, enjoyed the architecture of the city and nature. We tried to incorporate all of that inside the restaurant as well, so people felt as though they were in Eureka Springs inside Eureka Springs. It has captured our guests the way we desired and expected."

A Culinary Haven with a Vision

As the doors of Eureka Springs Eats and Treats swing open each day, a promise of unique culinary experiences awaits.

With a dream of opening a Donut Shop or Bakery soon their first venture, Eureka Springs Eats and Treats, serves up home cooked Italian cuisine. Brad and Marcus are very connected to the community, and it is the community itself at the forefront, as they continue plans to host fundraisers for local clubs, organizations and events, a testament to their dedication to giving back.

Behind the scenes, a diverse tapestry shapes the menu and ambiance. Together, they craft an environment that harmonizes love, service, and acceptance.

Eureka Springs Eats and Treats proudly partners with local vendors like Fresh Harvest, ensuring the freshest ingredients find their way into each dish. Their commitment to quality resonates, acknowledging the importance of sustainability while supporting the local community.

A Symphony of Flavors

Eureka Springs Eats and Treats boasts a menu brimming with signature dishes. From the Italian meatloaf to Marcus's legendary meatball sub, every bite is an ode to flavor, tradition, and heart.

In the heart of Eureka Springs, this haven extends its arms to everyone. Families, children, and seniors are welcomed with open hearts and warm smiles, ensuring that every visit is a cherished memory.

At its core, their mission echoes through the walls: "Love and serve others one plate at a time, building one relationship at a time while building a one-of-a-kind family!"

Their Background, as described by Brad


  • My background was from my mother who was a decorating queen and a monster of a restaurant owner/operator. She loved to decorate and always had amazing ideas which I inherited. She also was a monster of a leader in her 500 seat Catfish buffet back home. I have such a huge diverse background centered on running many restaurants, being a minister, and a corporate chef, as well as running nursing homes, teaching, counseling, and a host of other things I have done. I have completed several degrees in my life that has shaped and allowed me to understand and have knowledge about people and businesses. I have a bachelor’s in human development, English, business administration, Bible, and Biblical studies. I have a master’s in religious education and health and human services administration centered on nursing home licensure. I have a doctoral in ministry and educational leadership centered on organizational leadership. Also, a graduate of the Tuscany Culinary Institute of Italy. I have won many awards and accolades centered around leadership, humanitarian, human services, development, and operations but one thing I center my restaurant on is love and service to everyone no matter who they are or from where they are.


  • Marcus’s background is from the strict discipline and high character from his upbringing with his dad being a former Navy seal and mother airline attendant. Marcus attended Moorehouse College in Atlanta and majored in Opera Vocal Music Performance. His musical background presents the shaping of the ambience of the restaurant with our lo-fi music we play and scenery which allow for a peaceful and relaxing meal while enjoying every moment with positivity. Marcus taught physical education for a long time and loves kids. His radiant smile and child-like behavior is refreshing when individuals meet him. He changes people’s lives with his superior character and integrity. Marcus was a leader and chef in the corporate arena as well.


As they continue to listen to feedback from their guests, a patio for guests and their furry companions is in the works along with considerations to add wine and beer on the menu - these changes will help to further elevate the dining experience.

"We strive to provide a relaxing environment where people can just come sit down, talk with friends or family, then order food and continue to relax and enjoy their experience making memorable moments."
Bradley Wayne and Marcus Isaiah Tate-Greene
In the words of the owners, "You are not defined by your past. You are strong and amazing! Your life has PURPOSE! The world needs you, and this is your reminder. We hope this makes your day, because it is true!"

They're known for their Italian meat loaf with garlic bacon green beans and garlic cheddar mash potatoes. This is a signature dish. Also, you must try their well-seasoned burgers and Memphis Rub barbecue with Brad’s award-winning seasonings for both. Marcus’ Meatball sub is a favorite with all beef and ricotta cheese meatballs and made from scratch marinara and meat sauce added. The lasagna has become a fast local favorite with choice of made from scratch alfredo, marinara, or meat sauce.

JP’s Reuben is a dish created by JP and Brad with fresh in house made from scratch local favorite Reuben sauce. One of the most favorite items on the menu is the strawberry salad with grilled chicken and Fresh Harvest’s strawberry vinaigrette.

I had Charleen’s Cranky Turkey sandwhich and it was delicious.

A nod to Manager/Chef Tayler Hill who brings to life their mindset and shared vision. She helps them design, develop and maintain the integrity of the restaurant concepts because nearly all of the dishes and most of the premium sides - sweet pepper cole slaw, loaded baked potato salad, and brisket baked beans, for example - are family recipes.

Eureka Eats and Treats is more than a restaurant; it's a place where everyone belongs, where every plate tells a story, and where every guest is family. So, come visit Eureka Springs Eats and Treats and let the visit remind you of the magic that happens when love is the driving force of your life.

Come taste the love! ❤️


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Brittany M Watt
Brittany M Watt
23 oct 2023

Definitely on my list of restaurants to go to now that I'm here!! ❤️

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