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It's a wild thing to experience that annual rush when St. Patrick's Day rolls around each year and the entire melting-pot of America becomes Irish all-of-a-sudden.

It's true! Right?

Ahh but, when we dig a bit deeper, what's really happening is much, much bigger than that.

You see, each and every March, for a brief moment in time, whether through participation in Irish traditions, enjoying Irish music and dance, experiencing a city-wide parade or simply wearing green and sharing in the merriment, individuals from diverse backgrounds come together and feel a connection to Ireland, its people, each other, and the world at large.

This is life in Ireland.

Every day, not just in March, the culture of Ireland delivers a message of inclusivity to the world. (I believe this cultural phenomenon is why Irish pubs are successful everywhere, even in Rome, Italy.)

McGarity's Irish Pub, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Ok, so, up until April 6, 2024, when I visited McGarity's Irish Pub for the first time right here in Eureka Springs during their Grand Opening Week, my favorite in the world was Scholars Lounge Irish Pub in (ironically) Rome, Italy ... but now, my fellow Eurekans, McGarity's has arrived, and it is the real deal.

Regardless of where they may be situated in the world, Irish Pubs all seem to have the sentiment of inclusivity, coming together, sharing in merriment (with music, of course) and embracing, well, EVERYONE.

Ahhhh, a sentiment that is also so very Eureka Springs, Arkansas!

McGarity's Irish Pub, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

BINGO! It is absolutely no wonder that former-Texas restauranteur/owner Ken decided to build this gem of a place in our little Eureka Springs hamlet to call his own.

When I met with Ken briefly on April 6, 2024, he filled me with joy. WOW! This gent is a pretty cool guy with a cool story ... and to be respectful, Ken's story is his to tell.

So, to honor his wishes, I will elaborate more in this blog post about his wonderful pub/restaurant/saloon that he has created for our community and not so much about Ken himself, his life, his family, his story. (I am a man of my word, Ken.)

One key thing I will share about him is this . . . (Dave and Wendy are you listening?) . . .

Ken told me that Eureka "got a hold" of him. Yup. Mmmm-Hmmm. Yeppers. Uh-huh. It's true! He got that very same hard-to-explain, magical tug on his soul - you know, the one that connects us to this corner of the world forevermore. The same tug that you got, and I got ... he got, too!

... I could go on for hours with this kind of tug-list.

The point is that the people of Eureka Springs co-create Eureka Springs. We're a destination in this wonderful world today because we, the beautiful Eurekans, ALL make it that way.

McGarity's Irish Pub, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

McGarity's Irish Pub, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Years of Amore

For those of you that may remember, McGarity's is housed in the former location for Katherine's beloved (and quite delicious) Cafe Amore - Address: 2070 E VAN BUREN, EUREKA SPRINGS, AR 72632. Well Katherine, I'll bet you never figured that after years and years of loving on this place and loving on the beautiful people of Eureka Springs, this lovin' locale has come out of the closet as - wait for it - Gaelic! Ha! (see what I did there?)

When most people think of Irish Pubs, they think about beer and McGarity's doesn't disappoint when it comes to their beer menu, even featuring our local awesome breweries right on tap. Eureka Springs Brewery and Gotahold Brewing.

Most also think about pub food and Irish Pub food is a specific kind of fare. On our first visit we (my Hubby Jeff and I) enjoyed their very unique Irish Reuben Egg Rolls (highly recommend) and the Farmhouse French Dip. Our server, Pete, said that the Shepherd's/Cottage Pie was flying out of the kitchen and it's quickly becoming a hit.

The Menu at McGarity's

The kitchen itself is entirely brand new from the ground up. Ken tells me that he poured his heart and savings into McGarity's and it shows in every corner of this place. (even the restrooms which are some of the cleanest, well-maintained in town.)

The Kitchen crew at McGarity's

Every piece of equipment in the kitchen is spotless and well maintained. A special thank you to Ken and his kitchen crew for taking me inside your beautiful commercial kitchen and showing me around every corner. I'd eat off the floor of that kitchen! (just sayin')

Go get your warm welcome at McGarity's on Route 62, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Yes, friends! Love begets love. Amore begets amore.

This location was destined for more amore and the locals and visitors of Eureka Springs are sure to shower their love on this new, cool place just as they did with Cafe Amore and Katherine's hard work and dedication over the years. Our sincere Freaky Eurekie welcome to Ken, his family and his crew. Bring on the love.❤️

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