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Blood, Sweat & Beers

The Grand Opening of the much awaited Gotahold Brewing happens on July 2, 2020 and for those of you that know Wendy and Dave - this is a true blue labor of love. (Hence, the title of this blog-post.)

Their website, noted above, explains their journey the best . . .

"We knew that our brewery would not just be about making beer; it would be about intentionality. It had to align with our own desired quality of life, because if we weren’t happy, what’s the point? It would have to be able to contribute to the community through economic, environmental and social justice. And through the experience at the brewery and drinking the beer, would change our patrons.

Finding the place was far easier than finding the name. Everything we thought of some iteration had been taken. We were about to give up and just use our family name, but neither of us could fully commit to it.

When we arrived in Eureka Springs, people would ask what brought us to town. We’d share that we are opening a brewery. We’d then ask them the same question. The day Dave was in Vermont closing on our house was the third time I’d heard the same response, “This place just got a hold of us.” Part of it is the place. Most of it is the people. There is something truly magical about Eureka Springs. There was an ah-ha on this third time of hearing it.

Eureka Springs had gotten a hold of us, too. That’s why we decided to name our brewery Gotahold Brewing to honor the place, the journey, and the magic that has brought it to life. An unusual name for sure, one that people who’ve never been to the town can really understand. But those who have get it.

Soon, the beer, like the place will get a hold of you, too."


This place has not only exceptional beer, but also exceptional merchandise, an exceptional location with sprawling grounds as well as, you guessed it, EXCEPTIONAL PEOPLE.

Wendy and Dave and their team are the real deal. Kind. Caring. Covidiate (that's my made-up term for businesses that are Covid-focused. Maybe Oxford and Websters will catch on.)

Dave & Wendy

Temps are checked at the door and personal safety protocols are highly encouraged.

The merch is killer. Loving the variety.

The beer is spectacular but it's best for you to try it out yourself. Head on over this weekend and have an inaugural GOTAHOLD beer. You will not be disappointed.

Here I am arriving with my mask. Be sure to wear one!!!

Gotahold is about to get a hold on this community. Get over there and see what they have done.

We love you Wendy and Dave - Congratulations on a job well done!

Grand Opening - July 2, 2020


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