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Building a bridge ...

In a world often plagued by cynicism, discord and miserable news media, this is a lovely, good news story of two friends who come together with a common interest to help others.

This story of Jana and Frank serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative power of love, passion, and collaboration.

Their journey - which begins with a serendipitous meeting as volunteers for The Great Passion Play to the establishment of a thriving business of their own in Eureka Springs — epitomizes the potential that lies within each of us to create positive change, make a difference in the lives of others and build a bridge of love, acceptance and inclusion.

I am inspired to follow in their footsteps, forging my own path of creativity, compassion, and empowerment. For in the end, it is not the wealth or recognition that defines us, but the impact we have on the world and the hearts we touch along the way.

Jana is delightful. It was one of those first-time conversations with a stranger that felt like we knew each other for 20 years. Hugging her goodbye as I left her shop felt awesome. This lady ooozes joy.

Go visit Jana at EXPLORE EUREKA. She is delightful!

After months of meticulous planning and tireless effort, Jana and Frank finally launched their business — Explore Eureka — a vibrant hub for artists and creatives of all types and stripes. The space is located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, on Route 62 (Gaskin Switch Plaza) and it is quickly becoming a beacon of inspiration in the community, attracting aspiring artists, seasoned professionals, and art enthusiasts alike. From art exhibitions and workshops to live performances, gallery shows and collaborative projects, Explore Eureka is buzzing with energy and creativity, fueling the dreams of many.


With unwavering determination and boundless enthusiasm this dynamic duo set out to turn their shared vision into reality. Drawing upon their complementary skill sets and leveraging their network of contacts, they embarked on the daunting task of building Explore Eureka from the ground up.

I am such a fan of places like this in the world. Artist incubators foster a sense of community among participants, providing a supportive environment where artists, makers and creative breath-takers, can share ideas, collaborate on projects, and learn from one another. This sense of belonging can be instrumental in the silo of isolation that many artists often experience with their artform.

Explore Eureka provides a safe, fun, interactive retail space for the community of creative artists of all types and mediums to bring consign their work for sale. It also is a destination space, as Jana explained, and it will serve for exhibits, meet-ups, exhibitions, gallery shows, events and parties even.

Places like this play a crucial role in nurturing talent, fostering creativity and community, and helping emerging artists establish careers in the arts as well as sustaining those with more experience. By providing resources, mentorship, and opportunities for professional development and networking, these programs empower artists to realize their full potential and make meaningful contributions to the cultural landscape of artist communities like Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

LOCAL TIP: This is a perfect shop for those uniquely Eurekan gifts you may be looking for when you need something for a birthday, host/hostess gift, holiday season gifts and more.

During my very first visit, Jana joyfully shared stories of the soap makers, canning makers, craft workers and the works of art displayed in the shop and dropped some delicious morsels of information enticing me on what's to come. I was especially taken by these handmade quilt blankets. Jana elaborated that each was made by the same local artist.

As Jana explained . . .

"This crochet artist is legally blind but so very talented. She uses her other heightened senses to feel and guide her way forward with every stitch. It's remarkable."

Crossing the bridge

Little did they know that this seemingly ordinary moment at The Great Passion Play would mark the beginning of an extraordinary business partnership helping others, giving back, and spreading joy and love to all.

As they worked together, setting up the venue and coordinating logistics, they discovered a natural synergy between them — a shared sense of purpose and a mutual desire to make a difference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and beyond.

Thank you, Jana and Frank. Eureka Springs is a unique destination in the world because of people like you.❤️

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