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May is ArtRageous!

Deep in the heart of Eureka Springs, where creativity wafts through the air and inspiration breathes life into every corner, lies a community unlike any other.

In a community this tiny and this diverse, it is difficult to truly tell how many people call themselves artists and artisans (including culinary arts, writing, music and opera, which are all beautiful forms of art.) Yet, those who choose to weave their magic across various mediums in our little, quaint creative village is what forms the tapestry of boundless imagination, and what has shaped Eureka Springs into the destination that it is today.

We are Eureka Springs because of the many people that choose to make art happen here.

All this said ... the month of May is very special to Eureka Springs. This is when the vibrant spirit of our artist community truly shines.

Welcome to our May Festival of the Arts!

The ArtRageous Parade in downtown Eureka Springs kicks off at 2pm on May 4, 2024

To say that Eureka Springs is a colorful community is an understatement.  There’s an overall creative vibe running through our historic arts village, and this is driven by our working artist community.

During the month of May, each and every May, we turn the spotlight to our artists and give them the grace to show off their talents.

Our annual May Festival of the Arts is packed with one-of-a-kind art exhibits, demonstrations, performances, culinary arts, free music in the park, drumming in the park and a unique street party – The White Street Studio Walk - when the community comes together in support of our artist community.

When taking a stroll down White Street, visitors are given up-close opportunities to engage with working artists and their works of art. In some instances, artists will open their homes and studios welcoming visitors into their personal working spaces. 

This year, the planning team has secured Friday, May 17, 2024 from 4:00pm - 10:00pm for this year's White Street Studio Walk.

During these hours on May 17, artists will be set-up all along the street, in the driveways and front yards of all the houses, studios and working spaces along White Street.  Jewelry, pottery, paintings, crochet, handmade clothing & more are showcased on this beautiful evening by the artists themselves. 

Don’t miss it ...  it only comes once a year and it’s spectacular!!

In addition, aside from jewelry, writing, painting, pottery, glasswork, theatre, opera, sculpture, fashion, music, and photography, the once-underappreciated craft of meat curing has found its place among the revered forms of artistic expression and right here in Eureka Springs. Check out this blog-post to learn more about Eureka Charcuterie.


Here is the full calendar for all the planned events

for this year's May Festival of the Arts.

Be sure to check out this blog-post for more detailed information about The Artistic Tapestry of Eureka Springs.❤️

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