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Chapter 4.5 | The Diversity

During the bucolic drive into our town, the hills deliver an intense rolling landscape which eventually reveals an old-timey downtown, surrounded by foothills where striking Victorian homes are tucked into every cubby corner. This is where The Beautiful People are.

Although our springs (yeah, those that first made Eureka a tourist destination) aren’t really very apparent, there are more than 60 natural springs in the area, many of them cloistered inside with manicured gardens (thanks to our Parks Department) or underground caves.

To see some of the prettiest springs, one must meander through the town center from the limestone cavern of Grotto Spring to the ornamental Basin Park Spring fountain. -- Performing in Basin Spring Park

Given all this turn-of-the-century small town charm, there’s also a distinctly countercultural current that you will notice, almost immediately upon arrival, as shopkeepers, innkeepers and residents unfurl their rainbow flags to start another new day.

Eureka Springs' soulful creativity is not only a testament to the power of artistic expression but also a testament to our people.

Margo, the Clown

Our people ~ artists, musicians, performers, and the collective spirit of the entire community form the heartbeat of this enchanting place and have harnessed a profound ability to captivate and inspire ALL who come to experience what makes it so uniquely Eurekan.

While, We Are Diverse Everyday, it's important to note that we do take time to stop and celebrate that accomplishment three times a year. Visit "Out In Eureka" for more information.

Diversity Begets Creativity

Eureka Springs boasts a strong sense of community, with residents actively engaging in supporting and nurturing the creative arts. We have over 350+ working artists here and it is the people that are responsible for the environment - the shops, galleries, inns, as well as the various festivals, events, conferences and collaborative endeavors that bring EVERYONE together, fostering a spirit of unity and mutual inspiration.

Here in Eureka Springs, we've collectively come to understand that Diversity and Inclusion Makes Us Smarter and that by embracing diversity and inclusion, we contribute to the greater good by building a more c0-creative experience for all to share and enjoy. The result of this is what you see today - a truly vibrant, fun, creative community.

While everyone does their very best each day, it's most impressive to me that our local government and law enforcement here makes every effort to ensure that all voices are heard and all people are valued. I mean, there are not too many places in the world where you will experience this many contrasts in harmony.

The Annual White Street Art Walk (in May.)

Here are but a few examples of what you will likely experience and observe here:

  • A straight couple headed for a hike assist a transgender couple take a photo on a rainbow-painted staircase.

  • An accomplished writer from New York City, visiting the Writer's Colony, chats with a local teenager in the park about what it is like to pursue painting as a career.

  • Newlyweds tip a street-busking mandolin player after getting married at Thorncrown Chapel.

  • Biker bars around the bend from the Baptist Church, serve EVERYONE, including architecture and history buffs - not just bikers.

  • Two men kiss inside Grotto Spring and outside a screaming fox is chasing a deer.

  • A Plein Air artist calmly sits and paints a full, rowdy bar of people enjoying a live, local band.

  • Shoppers rummage through an antique store for some hard to find treasures while a dozen Harley bikes roar by like a thunder storm.

  • Boaters, after a day on Beaver Lake, stop into Gravel Bar for dinner, music and a killer local vibe.

  • Volkswagen Weekend fills up town by day and some of the best Ghost tours in the country light up the night.

  • Downhill mountain bikers finish up their trek near a bohemian Artist Colony.

  • Spiritual seeking visitors watch the sizeable Mardi Gras Parade pass through downtown.

  • A Bachelorette Party visits a drag show bar after a day at the holistic spa.

Christ of the Ozarks

...and a 66-foot tall Jesus statue is overlooking it all. (Seriously, I can't make this up.)

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion

Ultimately, the allure of Eureka Springs lies in its diverse, welcoming atmosphere, and a wide range of attractions that cater to various interests. It's a place where people from all backgrounds can come together, appreciate the beauty of nature, immerse themselves in arts and culture, and find their own sense of belonging.

Eureka Springs has a magnetic appeal that attracts a diverse range of people from all walks of life. The mystical, magical energies in these here hills tug at your soul, ground you and connect you.

This is Eureka! You found it!

"Not even the streets are straight."


Chapter 5.5 is up next and this will be our final chapter in this five-part blog-series where we will celebrate other valued aspects of our community. Join us as we uncover Eureka's thriving food scene. We will also explore how nature inspires and influences the creative community and we will bring awareness to the many parades, festivals, events that happen here.


The Soulful Creativity of Eureka Springs is a five-part Blog-Series where we we aim to explore the spirit, heart, and soul of Eureka Springs' culture, delving into the boundless creativity that simply is life here. Beyond its natural beauty, our quaint town is home to a vibrant and wildly diverse creative community that thrives on artistic expression. Please enjoy!❤️

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