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Eatin' Eurekan: "Eat Like a Local!" | John-Michael & Jeff enjoy Grotto Wood-fired Grill and Wine Cave.

This month, June 2022, marks our 4th Eurekaversary since we moved here in June 2018.

In our lovely home on East Mountain, it happens often that we're talking in the kitchen about what to make for dinner when the subject turns to eating out. Immediately we think Grotto Woodfired Grill! The quality of the food is exceptional but there's more to why we love it so much. Please enjoy the following Eatin' Eurekan highlights as to why we love it so.


First thing's first . . . the place is built inside a cave. Yep. The atmosphere is unforgettable — one side of Grotto is solid rock with a continuously running spring. Check out the rocks to the left of the bar in this image. By dining underground, you can experience a true Eureka Springs one-of-a-kind dinner.

When we were tourists visiting from Dallas in 2017, we ate here and we were blown away. It created a memory for us about Eureka that stays with us even as locals. Now, residing just steps (literally, steps, as in "lots and lots of stairs") we can visit this lovely restaurant whenever we want to enjoy the cuisine . . .

. . . well, but not really . . .


The food and the experience here are so exceptional that if we, the locals, don't plan well, the place gets fully booked. It's true. This restaurant has grown tremendously in popularity so much so that if you're not ahead of the curve, you're left out in the rain.

Be aware that Grotto uses so please consider that in your planning and don't hesitate to call days ahead to ensure you have a reservation.

This place is something to experience. Do whatever you can to experience it.

Taste and Quality

We're carnivores and we're also flavor freaks! Grotto satisfies both.

When we come to Grotto Woodfired Grill for dinner, here's what we usually order: (write this down and remember these details because you will NOT be disappointed; well, unless you're Vegan. LOL.)

  • Au Jus Sliders - 12 hour smoked brisket topped with horseradish yogurt and a side of red wine beef au jus served on two buttery brioche buns - $15

  • Crispy Fried Brussel Sprouts - fried brussels sprouts lightly dusted served with chipotle sioli - $11

  • Filet Mignon - $42 (no explanation needed, it's just simply delicious!)

  • Wood-Fired Cedar Plank Salmon - line caught salmon fired on a cedar plank served with your choice of "get sauced" - $24

  • Grotto Fries - with Sriracha ketchup - $4

(none of this is Keto, by the way!)

But, nevertheless, the atmosphere, the experience, the taste, the quality of food. It is all just so exceptional.

Get Sauced

Here's the best part. . .

When you order, you can choose how to sauce the dish. There are a few to choose from and I personally enjoy the garlic chive butter on my Filet Mignon. It makes the meat literally melt in your mouth.


This, my friends, is what sets the Grotto apart from other experiences.

The people here are amazing. They remember you. They endeavor to make a memorable experience. They want to see you smile as you bid adieu.

We've never been disappointed here.

There are places in town that ebb and flow with service. Grotto is not one of those places. The consistency of the service quality does not compare to other restaurants in Eureka Springs.

Committed carnivores will find their heaven at this romantic downtown restaurant. Chef Slane is a master of bringing out sumptuous flavors from his wood-fired grill — especially steaks.

There’s a lot of science behind dry-aging, but suffice to say that it makes the meat more tender and richly flavored. Your best bet is the Creekstone Boneless Ribeye, although the House Sirloin is also another favorite.

Accompany your steak with an array of sides from basic baked potato to the imaginative smoked corn medley, and you’ll indulge in a feast you won’t soon forget.



Eatin' Eurekan is a series of chapters in a blog series where we explore dining in Eureka Springs through the eyes ... no, no, no, the taste buds ... of the locals. Each restaurant in Eureka is unique and in this blog-series, we enjoy some lovely local eatin'. |


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