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I miss Wendy, Nisa and Margo!!!

Wendy, living her joy!

In Eureka Springs, AR, our surroundings elicit an abundance of joy and, from there, we make emotional choices that impact our personal journey. It's been this way since the very beginning when thousands flocked here because of the healing waters in and around our town.

Visitors came to Basin Spring to bask in an intense momentary experience of positive emotion.

Somewhere along the way, the idea of introducing parades was embraced and our little Eureka Springs was known for parades, love and joy. We are certainly still known for parades, love and joy but our parades ... ... ... well ... ... ... they're on hiatus. Why?


I really don't want to give this "thing" any more press time than it's already been given. I want to be a strong part of the local community that rediscovers the joy in our parade culture. I truly miss our parade culture and, if I may be so bold to speak for us all ... ... ... I truly believe that a great many of us miss it.

The parade culture of Eureka Springs, Arkansas brings the community together. Quirky traditions you won’t find anywhere else, hyper-local culinary specialties, and parades down the center of town make for one-of-a-kind experiences for locals and visitors.

Let this post be the beginning of the local movement that starts us back on the path to celebrating life ... life in Eureka Springs ... life in Arkansas ... life with those we love and care for most ... and life in general by working hard at recreating togetherness through our vibrant parade culture.

ArtRageous Parade, May Festival of the Arts

Weekend Parades and Festivals in Eureka Springs are like those that are experienced in New Orleans. Parades here are what The River Walk is to San Antonio; or the Space Needle is to Seattle, or Broadway is to New York City. In other words . . . it's a cultural staple here.

When resident Margo wears bright colors, people respond to her in a certain way. They smile instinctively because her joy is utterly contagious.

Margo on parade. A joyful soul.

When locals and residents smile at Nisa, they see someone who lives her joy through others. She shares, and shares and shares. She is selfless and creates experiences that bring others joy ... and in turn, she experiences joy.

Nisa designs and styles her own attire for parades

In Eureka Springs, the parade culture here is enormous. Check this out. . .

Margo The Clown

Nisa in her glory

Eureka Springs at it's finest!



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