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It's up to us...

One of the most powerful forces that we are all born with is energy.

Human energy truly has the power to unite and transform the world as we know it today.

Please consider this . . .

We all breathe. We all inhale and we all exhale air. Similarly, it is my belief that humans absorb and emit energy just frequently as we breathe air.

After all, every single human being has encountered a person, or two, that made them feel truly invigorated. That person lit up the room. Being around them makes you feel more real, more aware, more alive. Have you ever walked into an environment like, say, an office when when things feel like they're moving a little faster? Your energy reacts and you move with it. You "go with the flow."

The same goes for environments and people that drain our energy from us, although for most, when this feeling comes upon them the look for a change of scene.

I'm absolutely drawn to environments that have a strong pulse of energy. Environments with vibrant energy are very attractive to me.

This is exactly what happened when we considered moving to Eureka Springs back in 2018. When we first visited in 2017, our human energy was electrified. We had to have more of it.

If we think of human energy as emotional electricity then one can see how it has the power to unite the collective spirit of ordinary people to do extraordinary things. This, my friends, is how our town, Eureka Springs, Arkansas, magically became the destination that it is today. The healing, magical waters from Mother Earth have been consumed by human beings here for hundreds of years and the positive human energy is constantly and consistently emitted all over this town.

The energy of this environment is what naturally attracts other human beings to flock here.

The air of Eureka Springs that locals and visitors breathe forever changes them for the better just after one visit here. Many enjoy the feeling so much, they come back over and over. Some, like us, simply can't have enough and take the leap to relocate here.

I don't think anyone would argue that today, in 2020, we are undergoing unprecedented changes. In our world today, there is probably the greatest amount of fear, distrust and certainty - more than ever before.

It is my personal belief, and that belief is what has inspired this blog-post, that when positive human energy is collectively emitted, it counterbalances all of the negative disruptive energy this is happening out there in the world right now. In other words, "it's up to us."

It is time to unite people and focus on what's best for the greater good. When we all do this, it creates confidence and a safe environment where people feel they belong. I believe that the world needs more communities like Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

When we unite and focus like this - it is quite simply - love energy.

"People will forget what you did, they will forget what you said, but they will never forget the way you made them feel." -Maya Angelou


Somewhere in our existence on Earth, we have all heard these powerful words that were once stated into consciousness for all to comprehend. "Love one another as I have loved you."

This could, quite possibly, be the most powerful leadership statement ever stated into existence. The emotive energy of His words transcends normal communication and rational ways of working and thinking and it inspires people to do and give more of themselves in every area of their lives. Move through every moment of your experience with love energy and what your life transform.

There are three core human truths that drive our energy at every moment that we are alive. These are trust, intuition and belief. These core human truths form a foundation that every human being depends on from other human beings.


Since the creation of humans, trust is where we all derive our greatest strength and power. It is the basic foundation that forms in every human relationship and it single-handedly is the most powerful force of positive energy. When there is strength in trust, it unlocks freedom and it fosters peace and understanding.


This is another form of wisdom. It is the gift of knowing without reasoning. When a person is not forced to ruminate over things, it is amazing the clarity that emerges and how rapidly one can adapt. Intuition is usually more right than wrong though we'd love to convince ourselves otherwise. Why is it that we value thinking over feeling? Why aren't we taught to follow our natural inclinations to protect the possibilities instead of just accepting the probabilities?

Our emotional guidance system is the GPS for our life-journey. In our own unique ways, have all learned to feel our way through life both personally and professionally. We have learned to listen and to hone our instincts to be perceptive and be receptive to change in order to constantly live in an ambiguous world.

When you follow your instincts and continually renew your mind your possibilities become realities.


Belief is the more rational side of human energy. It begins with hope. Hope's positive spirit is reinforced with facts and evidence and this then becomes a belief. Belief is what sets the energy-in-motion. It is what happens before something happens. It is the mental source of our alignment.

Belief creates the success the breeds more success. It is the self-reinforcing part of creating our unique human energy and what we put out there.

So what happens when all of this comes together?

The answer - creative wisdom.

Just as it has happened here in little'ol Eureka Springs, Arkansas, when human energy, from a place of love, takes on its greatest most transformative power collectively, human beings flourish and community forms. Together they create greater things than any individual could possibly do on their own. Someone, back in the day, though to them self, this place could be an exceptional destination location but it is up to us to make it so - and together they did.

... and today, we, the beautiful people of Eureka Springs, continue to make it so by staying connected, drinking the water, breathing the air, and constantly emitting love energy.

It's up to us . . . ALL of us.


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