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Blog Series | Eureka! Finding Our Hidden Gems | The Woods Cabins

Welcome To The Aspen Cabin

The Woods Cabins has to be absolutely one of the most adorable, and luxurious, hidden gems here in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and it is the perfect spot to relax, fall madly in love, honeymoon, be one with nature, celebrate a special occasion, discover Eureka Springs or just get away from it all.

Debbie & Tom Reay

Owners/Operators Tom and Debbie Reay, have truly created a wonderful oasis in the heart of Eureka Springs.

On Friday, March 20, 2020, my partner Jeff and I along with our fur baby Kirby decided to check-in to The Aspen at The Woods Cabins for a two-day respite. I must say, every moment of the experience was absolutely wonderful.

From the moment you arrive, you are met with open arms, and warmth from Tom and Debbie and after checking-in and walking from the office to your cabin, you can't help notice the aesthetics of joy that surround you on their beautiful well-kept grounds - the cobblestone, woodwork, flowers, sculptures, birdhouses, stone walls, pottery, water features, garden art and the overall natural setting immediately take you away to a land of imagination.

The cabins, named after the trees found here in the woods, all vary in size, shape, layout and decor, but one thing is consistent, there is a strong attention detail in order to make this a special retreat for the guests that choose to stay here.

The art and science of enhancing the interior of a living space is on full display at The Woods Cabins. It is an environment that is aesthetically pleasing - both inside and out.

Years ago, as a former Luxury Hotel Executive, I recall that the focus of our senior leadership team was about creating experiences for our guests that infused each the five senses into the entire experience. In other words, any hotel leader should be able to walk into a hotel room, or conference room, banquet hall, lounge suite, etc. and ask themselves five simple questions to make certain the experience was set for our guests. So, let's use that same methodology to explain our time at The Woods Cabins in Eureka Springs.

Question #1 - If I were a guest, what do I see?

At The Woods Cabins, aside from the aesthetics of joy surrounding you on the grounds and the natural setting of The Woods Cabins nestled in Ozarks, we found that the color choices, style, art, design, and detail of the cabin's interior to be warm, peaceful, inviting, and very impressive.

Knowing when we planned to arrive, The Reay's made sure our room was "presented well on arrival." This term - presented well on arrival - has been used for years in hospitality. It's when the hotelier sets, or stages the room for that moment when you first walk in - it's your first impression.

First thing that we noticed were The Reays. Truly at your service, this dynamic husband-wife duo is at your beck and call. Touring you through your cabin, showing you how to use the remote control, turn on the fireplace and set the Jacuzzi tub to that perfect temperature.

When we arrived into our cabin - The Aspen, the lamps and lights in each room were illuminated to ensure we could see it all as we walked in for the very first time. It was our WOW moment and it was very impressive. We loved everything we saw.

Also, while we were here, we saw a family of deer roaming around the Wall Street neighborhood.

Question #2 - If I were a guest, what do I hear?

Nestled in the beautiful woods atop a mountain perch overlooking historic Eureka Springs village below, these cabins are private and secluded yet, so close to it all.

Sounds by day...

Birds, squirrels and chipmunks scurrying through the leaves, trickling water features in the front yard of the cabin as well as around the property. We also heard an occasional motorcycle, which is a fairly common sound in Eureka Springs during peak season. Also, you can sometimes hear the live music in Basin Park and the bustling visitors and villagers of Eureka Springs in the downtown village below.

Because the room was set to "present well on arrival," both television sets were synchronized to some soothing spa music that welcomed us. Hearing this as we entered, immediately set the tone for us that it was now time to settle in, relax and enjoy our time ahead.

...and we certainly did.

Sounds by night...

The crickets and frogs are serene and idyllic.

Downtown Eureka Springs, AR

Question #3 - If I were a guest, what do I smell?

The Aspen cabin is a delight. Staying here offers an opportunity to reconnect with nature, infused with romance and charm and an appointed elegance. It's no wonder their slogan is - Where Nature Meets Luxury With A Side Of Charm.

I don't know about you, but when it comes to the sense of smell, I am a bloodhound. This question is easily answered for us as we walked the fragrant grounds of The Woods Cabins, and as we entered our cabin which was decorated with fresh, fragrant flowers in vases in each room, bedroom, bathroom and living room.

Also, the fragrant amenities that were provided along with the bath crystals and salts were perfect.

Question #4 - If I were a guest, what do I taste?

Now the sense of taste is often the trickiest to accomplish for hoteliers. But, as expected, no detail is forgotten at The Woods Cabins, I mean, even the to-go coffee cups that were provided in our stocked kitchen were whimsically styled in color and pattern to match the blue/brown interior that is The Aspen. Impressive!

To-Go Coffee Cups

Please allow me to take a moment to feature the following. While each of the cabins have their own special traits, these are the amenities that are included.

  • Bedside USB and Power Charging stations by Brandstand to give quick and easy access to charge mobile devices or plug in without having to move any furniture.

  • Keurig Coffee Maker, hosting different flavors of coffee, tea and hot chocolate.

  • High speed Wi-Fi

  • Flat Screen TVs with Contour Cox Cable, including voice remotes, premium cable and movie channels, including DVD players in the living room and some bedrooms.

  • Convenient luggage racks to access your suitcases easily without bending to the floor.

  • Bathroom amenities, featuring Natura Green products

  • Dog Friendly with a convenient waste station and even doggie treats!

  • Jetted Jacuzzi tubs with bath crystals and bubble bath, some are 2 person Jacuzzi tubs.

  • Porches with outstanding views of the woods and wildlife, some also are near a 15 foot waterfall.

  • Gas fireplaces in most of the cabins.

  • Private parking for each cabin.

  • Iron & Ironing boards, hair dryers, microwaves, toasters, and space heaters

What isn't mentioned in this exceptional list of amenities is the tasty amenities that were welcoming us in our refrigerator. Juices, Water, and two delicious slices of homemade cheesecake!

Keurig Coffee Maker

Question #5 - If I were a guest, how do I feel?

Now, here's where The Woods Cabins absolutely nail the overall guest experience.

Beautifully appointed, soft, comfortable bedding

There is so much to feel when staying at The Woods Cabins. Whether it's literally feeling (with your hands, body and skin) the texture of the pillows, fabrics, throws, the plush towels, the bathrobes, the bath amenities, the soothing hot tub, warm fireplace and cozy living room sofa. Note: The hot tub is located in its own secluded hut on the grounds, but also, our cabin had it's own jetted Jacuzzi tub and shower. The tiles on our bathroom floor were heated so my feet fell madly in love with that bathroom floor instantly. The towel warmer out by the hot tub is also something to love.

The environment and the overall experience, as designed by The Reays induced many feelings during our stay . . . from romance, fun/competitive, connection, and love to grateful, blessed, whimsical, cozy, pampered, informed and joyful.

While there certainly is a lot to do in Eureka Springs, experiencing The Woods Cabins is certainly a highlight for any visitor.

The Universe speaks . . .

The Woods Cabins with it's stunning guest service, art, flora, fountains, fauna, pottery, cobble stone walkways and many amenities and adornments is a perfect match with the sunny disposition of life in the woods of beautiful, historic Eureka Springs.

Among the art, texture, and color, it was delight to see fresh flowers in the bedroom, bathroom, and living room and it was a sign from the universe to see the the word ”love” carved from wood and painted white on the beautiful, blue bedroom wall.

It seems no matter where we go, the universe consistently reminds us to choose love.

This was an easy choice at The Woods Cabins. We absolutely loved our experience and we WILL be back.

Dogs are welcome at The Woods.  A $25 one-time, non-refundable fee is charged for each room. The maximum pet weight allowed is 15 pounds.  Due to the size of their cabins, they limit the number of pets to two.

50 Wall Street, Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

Phone: 479.253.8281


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