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Talk To The Icicles

Water is responsible for the existence of Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

The Native Americans considered the waters here to be sacred. They worshiped the water. They treated the water with kindness, respect and love. They were grateful for it and it showed because they took care of it. Even neighboring tribes would visit and partake of the cold, clear waters without resistance and ancient ceremonies of health and healing were often held in the natural waters here.

Talking To Icicles

It is from the Native Americans that we know water certainly exists without the actions of humankind but it IS humankind that shapes how water continues to exist.

Take our beloved Eureka Springs! People were drawn from miles around to Eureka because of the alleged health and healing properties in the water here. The water - beautiful and abundant.

The water. The water. The people spoke such beautiful words about the water and the many stories traveled far and wide bringing thousands upon thousands to Eureka Springs to experience this beautiful place and these natural waters.

The people would come and experience the water and then speak about the water. They told of what they experienced and observed. Their words were complimentary. Appreciative. Loving. Respectful. Grateful. Words were painted on the sides of buildings, signs, buggies, store windows - all touting the wonderful water.

These beautiful words brought more abundant water from the hills and more people to this place. More compelling stories with more beautiful words were created. The water heard these words and took in all these good intentions and positive, loving energy as these humans spoke these words. The water flourished and Eureka Springs was born.

Masaru Emoto (江本 勝 Emoto Masaru, July 22, 1943 – October 17, 2014) was a Japanese author and pseudo-scientist who said that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water. Emoto said that water was a blueprint for our reality and that emotional energies and vibration could change the physical structure of water.

Emoto's water experiments have consisted of exposing water in glasses to different words, languages, pictures, or music and then freezing and examining the aesthetic properties of the resulting crystals with microscopic photography. The result is utterly amazing.


Emoto deduced that water exposed to positive speech and thoughts would result in some of the most visually pleasing crystals that would naturally form when that water was frozen. Subsequently, the negative intentions provided to water would yield ugly frozen crystal formations.

I believe that this is why whenever, wherever it snows here on Earth, there's a magical feeling in the air for the human beings experiencing the snowfall, for the Universe is sending down visually pleasing crystals shaped from love from above.

When winter falls upon us here in Eureka Springs, and water is transformed with the season, I continue to embrace it. I enjoy taking walks and having a lovely conversation with the snow all around me, but most of all, I truly love walking up to the icicles and talking to them adoringly. I speak to them with love in my heart and thank them because I know that they will soon turn to water which will in turn somehow give back to the cycle of life on Earth. Hmmm, I wonder. Will this icicle that I love so much perched on the eave above my frozen lavender plant bring my fragrant friend back to life as it drips love down upon it slumbering in the frozen soil?

Here and everywhere water and words dance in harmony. It was the words from the early Natives that shaped the properties of the healing waters of Eureka Springs in the 1800s and then it was the water brought forth more people.

Louie. Our Neighborhood Cardinal on East Mountain

Even today, Eureka Springs has over 60 springs surrounding town and if we change our approach, our stories, our intentions and our treatment of our water, our water will continue to flourish.

Today's snow, ice and icicles are tomorrow's water.

Live in the moment. Love water in its every natural form just like our brothers and sisters did before us. Respect and cherish it. Tell it so. If learning of Eureka's past is appealing to you, bring forward the past practice of speaking kind words about our water.

Speak to our water. Talk gloriously to icicles. Have loving conversations with the snow all around you. For it is what we say to water (in any form) that impacts us all and our life on Earth.❤️


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