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Thoughts, Emotions, and Intentions

In the age-old quest for self-improvement, the concept of manifestation has captured my attention and in fact, this has been the case for many, many people. It promises a way to transform our desires into reality by leveraging the power of our thoughts, emotions, and intentions.

I've always believed that my "happy" is mine. My "mind" is mine. My "attitude" is mine. These are things that I possess that cannot (under any circumstances) be stolen away from me.

Life and the many things that happen during years of life on Earth can certainly try to steal these away from me, but I constantly work to improve my strength and my control over these things which leads me forward in the direction that I want to go.


Since moving to Eureka Springs, Arkansas (in June 2018) with my charming partner Jeff, I've been thoroughly intrigued by Eureka Springs and the adventure and exploration that living here brings into my life. So much so, I started this blog - - which now has over 400 published posts and 3500+ followers. (Thank you all for following me and reading my words.)

Being here in Eureka Springs at times feels like being at a gateway that leads into another realm. It has allowed me to delve deeper into the fascinating interplay between my own brain and heart, and the electromagnetic fields that they generate - which has unveiled to me some of the many secrets behind manifestation.

After half a century of living and learning, I have come to believe that "like begets like" and that this foundational concept suggests that the energy and thoughts we emit attract similar energies and experiences into our lives. If we consistently focus on positive thoughts and emotions, we're more likely to attract positive outcomes and opportunities. In other words, if I spend my time, in and around Eureka Springs and continue seeking out joyful people and experiences every day, more joyful people and opportunities come my way.

I call it "joyspotting" and I have blogged about this concept quite a lot.

The Brain & Heart Connection

The brain and heart are two primary organs in human beings that hold the key to unlocking our true potential. Mountains of research have unveiled the incredible phenomenon which is: the synchronization of the brain and heart's electromagnetic frequencies. This synchronization creates a state of coherence, where the brain's electrical signals and the heart's magnetic field work in harmony. It has been said that when this harmonic union occurs between the brain and heart, it lays the foundation for intentional manifestation in our lives.

"When we consciously choose to focus our thoughts and emotions towards our desires, this coherence intensifies."

I have been following a man named Dr. Joe Dispenza and his work for quite some time now. Dr. Joe is a pioneer in the field of neurology, and he suggests that when our thoughts are aligned with positive emotions, our brain produces this powerful electrical signal that resonates with our intentions. Simultaneously, it is our heart that generates a magnetic field that draws those intentions toward us. Joe himself has actually measured this in people to prove that this is true. This magnetic charge is the beacon that guides the manifestation process.

Intentions and Emotions Can Rewire Your Reality

Manifestation isn't a passive endeavor; it's an active engagement with our inner world. To manifest effectively, we must recognize the importance of intention and emotion in shaping our reality. The brain's coherence amplifies our intentions, giving them a clear and potent signal to project into the universe. However, intention alone isn't enough; emotions are the fuel powering this projection.

When we attach intense positive emotions to our intentions, we elevate our energetic frequency. This emotional charge infuses our intentions with a magnetic potency that resonates with the universe.

"It's about feeling the emotions of our desired future before it materializes." - Dr. Joe Dispenza

Broadcasting Desires

Imagine your thoughts and emotions as a dynamic broadcast signal that sends ripples throughout the electromagnetic field surrounding you. The brain's electrical charge serves as the broadcast, while the heart's magnetic charge acts as the attractor. When these energies are coherent and harmonized, they create a signal that aligns with the frequencies of your desires. This intricate dance of brain and heart becomes your personal manifestation "Wi-Fi."

Changing the Signal

The heart's magnetic field possesses a unique quality – it's not constrained by time or space. This means that when we synchronize our brain and heart, we transcend the limitations of the present moment. By consistently focusing on our intentions and emotions, we alter the signal we emit into the universe. This sustained coherence acts as a beacon, guiding our desires toward us.

Dr. Dispenza emphasizes the importance of maintaining this state of coherence over an extended period. It's not about fleeting moments of positivity; it's about cultivating a consistent frequency that becomes our dominant state. Through practices like meditation, mindfulness, and emotional regulation, we can train ourselves to sustain this frequency, gradually rewiring our reality and attracting the life we envision.

The Quantum Leap: When Magic Happens

As we align our thoughts, emotions, and intentions, a profound transformation occurs within us and around us. This process is akin to a quantum leap, where the shift in our energetic frequency opens doors to new opportunities, connections, and experiences. The universe responds to our coherent signal by orchestrating serendipitous encounters and events that align with our desires.

This "magic" isn't mystical; it's the result of our deliberate participation in the creation of our reality. By embracing the interconnectedness of our brain, heart, and the electromagnetic fields they generate, we become co-creators in the grand tapestry of existence. Our desires become more than mere wishes – they become energetic blueprints that shape our journey.

Here's an example of deliberate creation: in 2017 Jeff and I visited Eureka Springs as tourists for the very first time in August of that year. So enamored with this place, we returned again in October. This October visit in Autumn is what solidified our intentions to move here.

When I got back to Dallas (where we were living at the time) I created a vision board and hand-sketched a cottage-like home on the board sitting on a hill and hung the board in our laundry room in our Dallas home.

When April 2018 came around, we were back in Eureka Springs again, only this time we were touring listed homes with our new Eureka Springs real estate agent, Henry.

In June 2018, Jeff and I (along with our beloved Chihuahua Kirby) moved into that very cottage on the hill and when I unpacked boxes and found that very board where I sketched our house, the sketch looked EXACTLY like our actual house here in Eureka Springs today.

In the vast landscape of personal development, the concept of manifestation stands as a bridge between science and spirituality. It's a profound reminder that our thoughts and emotions hold the power to mold our reality. Dr. Joe Dispenza's insights into the brain-heart coherence offer a compelling framework for understanding the mechanics of manifestation.

As you embark on your own manifestation journey, remember that you're not merely wishing for change; you're becoming an active participant in your own evolution. By cultivating coherence, aligning your thoughts and emotions, and sustaining your energetic frequency, you pave the way for the "magic" to happen. You're stepping into the role of a manifestation master, weaving the threads of intention into the fabric of your life's narrative.

Eureka Springs is surrounded by natural beauty and populated with beautiful, joyful people. As you move through your life journey, breathe, feel, and embrace the frequencies of your desires, and always remember that you're the conductor of the orchestra of your life tuning the symphony of own manifestations.

You're creating a resonance that echoes through the universe, calling forth the experiences, relationships, and achievements that await you. It's a journey of empowerment, a dance of energy, and a revelation of the extraordinary potential already within you.❤️


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