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In the heart of Eureka Springs, Arkansas, amidst the creative jungle that is every May here, or better said - "every day here" - lies a new community-wide art installation that has captured the collective imagination of EVERYONE!

At first glance, it all may seem like an ordinary collection of sculptures on or around trees, but look closer, and you'll find yourself staring into the soulful eyes of "Treeple."

The locals are the visionaries behind this remarkable exhibit. Yes! Eurekans were asked to transform the trees in their yards and businesses into human-like treeple.

Through a blend of individual craftsmanship, innovation, and nature, each artist has given life into these once-inanimate beings sitting right in their own back yard thus blurring the lines between the natural world and the human experience.

The impact of this extraordinary exhibit extends far beyond the realm of art. It serves as a powerful reminder of our interconnectedness with the natural world, prompting viewers to pause and reconsider their relationship with the environment. In a world increasingly dominated by technology and urbanization, the Treeple serve as ambassadors of nature, inviting us to reconnect with the earth and rediscover the beauty and wisdom it holds.

Moreover, the Treeple foster a sense of empathy and compassion, encouraging viewers to see themselves reflected in the natural world and to remember that we must embrace the diversity that makes all of us who we are. It is that very diversity - that special sauce - that stands out in the recipe that makes Eureka Springs, Arkansas so delicious.

Treeple reminds us all to recognize the inherent dignity and worth of ALL living beings. Through their silent presence, they remind us of our shared humanity as well as the importance of preserving and cherishing the planet we call home by taking this moment to highlight our beautiful trees.

As you move about town, you will see that people from all walks of life flock here for an experience of some kind. Some come for the history and architecture, others pilgrimage to Christ of The Ozarks and to see The Passion Play, music and opera is also a draw for visitors as well as the ongoing number of events, parades and parties that 2800 residents co-create.

Treena Turner is my favorite!! Find her on the Upper Loop.

In May, art draws the masses to Eureka Springs because May is Festival of Arts month. We feature many events and activities all throughout May each year and our new town-wide "Treeple" exhibit is sure to strike a chord.

In the end, the Treeple stand not only as works of art but as symbols of hope and inspiration, challenging us to look beyond ourselves and embrace the interconnected web of life that sustains us all.

They remind us that in a world filled with division and discord, it is our connection to nature and to each other that truly defines us as human beings.❤️


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