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Dripping With Joy

Rain has always been something that I interpreted as gloomy, gray, void of joy. I think that in my early years, when most of my activity was playing outdoors with my friends and my brothers, a rainy day meant that I needed to put my childhood joy on hold while the weather passes and suck-it-up, stay indoors and find others things to keep busy.

As young children, this gets embossed on our brain.

We grow and develop over time nearly always seeing rain as gloomy, gray, sad, dark and disturbing.

But, if you're an avid reader of this blog, and if you know me, then you know that it is my firm belief that there is something to appreciate in EVERYTHING if you simply stop for a moment and challenge yourself to see it from a different perspective.

Norwegian photographer Ronny Tertnes did just that. He captured raindrops using his ultra slow motion camera and upon seeing Ronny's images for the first time, I was instantly stunned into joy because I now have a new, beautiful image in my mind for rain and how it looks when it unites with other liquid.

The results are breathtaking and it is my hope that when the next gray, gloomy day rolls around and the rain begins to fall, these are the images you will conjur in your mind when you close your eyes and listen to the falling rain.

The amazing part of Ronny's work is that what he is photographing happens in a millisecond.

This artwork has forever changed my perspective on rain.

I know myself pretty well and I don't think I will ever experience a drop of liquid quite the same way again no matter if it happens to be rain from the clouds above, or the slow dripping of water as it hits the bottom of my coffee pot. Even if my kitchen sink or shower head were to leak and drip all night long, I believe that my mind will take me to these beautiful images of what is actually happening when I hear that all-too-familiar drip, drip, drip, plop, plop, plop.

Thank you Ronny Tertnes for using your remarkable talent to manipulate each micro droplet into a joyful masterpiece. Because of you, I see rain as something joyful and to be appreciated. ❤️


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