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Everlasting Love . . .

JM and Jeff, Dallas, 2017

What is everlasting love? This is a love that has achieved romantic profundity giving it the energy to last and endure through all time. This love is eternal.

Now, let's talk more about romantic profundity.

While it is often said that puppy love brings about that thrill of the chase, the excitement of being new and different and the butterflies of emotions that spark a myriad of exciting nuances when two people are falling in love, profundity is a very deep connection between romantic partners that takes time and grows from a foundation of understanding.

Achieving romantic profundity is rare during the puppy love stage. When it does occur, it's often said that it was that "love at first sight moment" when two become one in an instant upon visually seeing their soul mate.

For most, romantic intensity happens during puppy love and romantic profundity comes after years and years together. When the memories and moments shared have shaped a deeper understanding of each other and of oneself resulting in a stronger knowing of each other and accepting the other for who they are and bringing out the best in them.

When romantic profundity is reached, one often feels that they are a better person when they are around their partner. They often say that they "like who they are around them and that they make them a better human being every day."

This is when the connection runs deep - but know that romantic profundity does have it's own level of intensity. It is not without intensity. The difference is that over time, the intensity has evolved allowing both partners to personally flourish and maintain their own autonomy while still fostering the strength of their love together.

JM and Jeff, Napa 2007

During puppy love - we are all caught up in the flurry of butterflies that we're lost in it and often thinking (daydreaming, at times) about the other. This is a very different kind of intensity. "When will I see them next? What romantic thing can I do to show them how I feel? How can I woo them? Sweep them off their feet?"

When a couple reaches profundity, the attraction intensifies. This is when intensity has evolved to become more than a sexual attraction, it is an attraction to want to be together, to do things together, experience life moments together and most importantly the desire to want to enrich your partner's life.

Couples in profundity are often seen by others as - "joined at the hip." Their connection is so deep-rooted and profound that they primarily are seen mostly together and most often desiring spending time doing things together and making memories with others, together.

My partner, Jeff, often says, "Don't Forget To Remember." This is a phrase that we often said when we were in puppy love. We said it when the butterflies were most intense, and the energy was most high. Doing so truly helped align those intense feelings to the phrase so that now, all these years later when we say it, we are rushed back to that puppy love chapter when those feelings were dominating our times together as we were first getting to know each other.

In discovering Eureka Springs, we discovered so much. Eureka, to us, is synonymous to love and I truly believe that time spent in Eureka Springs, Arkansas fosters profundity for couples. People fall in love with the magic of Eureka quickly because, like the phrase, "Don't Forget To Remember" time in Eureka rushes couples back to that puppy love chapter. This, coupled with the pace of life in Eureka, helps couples to slow down a bit more and focus on what is truly important in their life experience. Each other.

It's not new news to know that today, 2019, couples generally spend much less time together than they did two decades ago. It is also proven that couples that do stay together for a very long time have a very high percentage of spending quality time together.

The moral of this story:

"Take advantage of the magic that is your long-term relationship and get to know each other in a deeply rooted way. Spend quality time together.
Oh! . . . and be sure to visit Eureka Springs often."
JM & Jeff, Eureka Springs, AR, 2018

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